rachelmarum-deactivated20140901 said: Heya Adam :) I am a 20 year old art student from Ireland. I plan on moving to Berlin for the summer as I am desperate to live there!The only thing that is holding me back is the language barrier. I don't speak any German and this will be a problem for me when I am seeking employment. I was wondering if you know of any job opportunities of any kind that would that would be willing to take on a keen art student? I am prepared to learn the language when I am over in Berlin! I hope you can help me:)

hi rachel…

i actually don’t speak german and i’ve managed to snag 2 different jobs over the course of 9 months or so without much of a problem. so honestly i wouldn’t worry too much.

lots of startup companies offer “internships” which pay 400-800 (sometimes more) per month which is at least one way to make some money.

i’ve also known some artists who have gotten internships or jobs with galleries. my friend who did this basically just walked into each and every gallery, spoke with the curator and handed out resumes/cv’s and she got a paid internship job for a few months.

I do think it’s a good idea to learn german here and if you ahve the time, there are lots of classes available. i regret not having taken a class sooner but it’s kind of amazing how easy it is to get by without speaking german (though i don’t necessarily advise it).

as for places to find jobs, check the Couchsurfing.org Berlin group, use twitter and look up specific companies you’d be interested in. in all honesty i don’t think it’s hard to find a job here, but the easier the job is to find, the less money it’s going to pay….

one quick thing - Rocket Internet hires a lot of international people. I worked for one of their companies - it’s a nice place to get to know other international people in their 20s and 30s who are typically living in berlin for a summer….but i don’t actually like most of the comapnies they run and they can be quite pushy with working long hours. just a heads up because you’ll probably come across them!

sorry i can’t offer much help on finding creative jobs :( but really, just walking into galleries and shops is a good way — especially if you make a good first impression. good luck! say hi when you;re here :)

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